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5 Good Reasons Your Business Needs an Offsite Storage Solution

Where are you storing your confidential business documents? Is it easy to find your paper files? Are you confident your records are safe from theft and natural disasters? If you hesitated or answered “no” to any of these questions, take a look at the five good reasons your business needs an offsite storage solution: 1.…
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Not All Shredding Vendors Are Equal

Are you in the market for a shredding and destruction service? It’s hard choosing the right vendor when you have several vying for your attention. Keep in mind, not all shredding vendors are equal. In this blog post we share important information that will help you decide how to choose vendor who provides the best…
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Taking Your Backup Tapes Home?

First of all, congratulations on backing up your data! Backups keep your business running. But if you’re taking your backup tapes home, it may not be worth running backups at all. In this blog, we discuss the many risks of taking your backup tapes home and offer an alternate solution. Your Home Isn’t Disaster-Proof Every…
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The Risks of Storing Business Records in Self Storage

Are you thinking about renting a self storage facility for your business records? You may want to reconsider that idea. Storing confidential documents and files in a self storage unit increases your risk exposure in several ways. In this blog we summarize the risks of storing business records in self storage facilities. Privacy Protection  …
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Choosing the Best Shredding Option for Your Business

No matter the size of your business, you have a responsibility to protect your clients and employees from identity theft. Managing the destruction of your confidential information is a critical part of that protection. Here, we discuss a range of shredding options to help you choose the right destruction strategy for your organization. On-Site Mobile…
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Driving towards a paperless office

By Kristjan Backman It might seem odd that a company that recycles over 600 tons of paper every month would want to see a paperless office.  The trouble with paper isn’t so much its environmental foot print but that it is inefficient at moving information, and its high cost of handling.   We started with the…
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