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Quick Delivery of your Records

We quickly deliver your stored records back to you when you need them.

Quick Delivery of a Record from Storage | Phoenix Winnipeg, MB
When you need a record returned you can easily make the request on-line, by phone or fax.  We will go to the shelves and retrieve the records you need and deliver them back to you.   We can deliver you the whole box from storage or just the file or document you are looking for.  We can also scan and e-mail your document to you.

We can deliver your records to your office with the following options:

Next Day Service
Half Day Service
Emergency Rush Service

Or you can use our Access Service where you come to our Audit Room to view the records.

We do all of our own deliveries with our own fleet of delivery vehicles.  All items are scanned an signed for upon delivery to keep an accurate track of where your records are.

Phoenix is pleased to offer Records Storage & Management to Winnipeg and Manitoba businesses and organizations.


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