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Document Scanning

Scanning Documents to Improve your Efficiency

Scanned Documents Emailed To YouWe are always looking for ways to improve your efficiency related to the managing of your documents.  Document Scanning can give you quick and universal access to your records.

What is Document Scanning?

Document Scanning is when we convert a paper document into an electronic image.  The electronic version of your paper document is saved as an image on a computer.  Once an document is saved as an electronic image it can viewed and shared as per your wishes.

Should I Scan Everything?

The simple answer is no.  Document scanning should used as a tool to increase productivity and provide extra back up of your documents that you have identified as Vital Records.   Document scanning is not a cost effective option compared to storage of paper records but it can be very efficient to use scanning for a document you need repeated acccess to, need to share with others or need to preserve extra copies for your vital records programs.

Phoenix’s Scan on Demand

At Phoenix we provide a service called Scan on Demand.  We can pull your document, image it and email it to you.  Click here to learn more about Phoenix’s Scan on Demand Service.


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