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7 Signs It’s Time to Go Paperless

Paper has been the de facto symbol of the traditional office since time immemorial. But with the rise of the Digital Age, the necessity and viability of paper is steadily diminishing. The question isn’t if you should go paperless, but when. Here are seven telltale signs it’s time to go paperless: 1. Clients Aren’t Paying…
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7 Data Security Tips for Your Business

Each new year brings a need to make fresh goals. Data security is a good place to start, since businesses large and small face an unlimited number of risks and threats. Here are seven expert tips to help you implement total data security for your company in 2018: 1. Physically Protect Your Hardcopy Records It’s…
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The Top Excuses for Not Storing Your Documents Offsite

The old adage, “Excuses will always be there for you, opportunity won’t,” also applies to offsite document storage. In this blog, we show how your business can save time and money by turning excuses into opportunities. My Office Is Safe Most businesses underestimate the internal risks to documents and files; in fact, malicious insiders account…
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Your Questions about Office Recycling, Answered

Today, more and more businesses are making green choices. As a result, we are asked office recycling questions all the time. In this blog post, we’ve shared the answers to the most frequently asked office recycling questions. Q: How do I start an office recycling program? A: Sustainability starts with your employees. Ask them to…
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Implement a Clean Desk Policy for Your Organization

Insider theft of confidential and sensitive business data is on the rise. A “clean desk policy,” requiring that files be attended or secured at all times, is a practical and economical way to keep sensitive information out of view and lower the risk of insider theft in your organization. In this blog, we offer tips…
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The Basics of Document Scanning

Are you considering converting your paper records to digital images? Document scanning is a great way to cut costs and increase productivity in your business. However, before pulling the trigger on digitizing your documents, it helps to understand the basics of document scanning. In this blog, we highlight the things you need to know.  A…
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