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6 Information Destruction Mistakes to Avoid

You may have a handle on storing and managing your information, but what happens when it’s time to dispose of it? Privacy breaches are often the result of negligence and errors. Here are six information destruction mistakes to watch out for and avoid: Mistake 1: Not Having a Shredding Routine The longer you wait to…
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What Your Employees Should Know about Data Security

Are you confident your employees have the right tools to keep confidential information safe? Do you trust them to handle sensitive data? If you want a secure business, here’s what your employees should know about data security: Not Every Email Is Legitimate Corporate employees are prime targets for phishing scams. Criminals send emails that appear…
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Shredding and Destruction Best Practices

Your organization has a legal and ethical responsibility to destroy outdated documents and data. Are you confident in your information disposal strategy? In this blog, we offer tips for making sure your shredding and destruction program is secure and consistent. Make a Document Retention Schedule and Follow It A document retention schedule helps you keep…
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The Top Reasons Your Business Needs an Offsite Storage Solution

It’s a fact: Document retention is part of owning and running a business. But for many organizations, retention is a weakness rather than a strength. If this statement rings true for you, read on. In this blog, we explain the top reasons your business needs an offsite storage solution. Cost As office lease rates rise,…
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4 Types of Documents You Should Be Shredding

Do you know what documents you should shred? If not, you could expose your customers and employees to identity fraud. In this blog, we identify four categories of documents to shred. 1. Tax Records Many individuals and businesses hold on to tax records permanently. But the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) allows you to get rid…
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The Top 4 Reasons to Protect Your Paper Records

In the Digital Age, hard copy records are often overlooked in favor of electronic data. But paper documents and files still play an important role in your business. You create and use hard copy records with customer, employee and financial information. Here are the top four reasons you should protect them: 1. Compliance Federal and…
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