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The Top Reasons Your Business Needs an Offsite Storage Solution

It’s a fact: Document retention is part of owning and running a business. But for many organizations, retention is a weakness rather than a strength. If this statement rings true for you, read on. In this blog, we explain the top reasons your business needs an offsite storage solution. Cost As office lease rates rise,…
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4 Types of Documents You Should Be Shredding

Do you know what documents you should shred? If not, you could expose your customers and employees to identity fraud. In this blog, we identify four categories of documents to shred. 1. Tax Records Many individuals and businesses hold on to tax records permanently. But the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) allows you to get rid…
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The Top 4 Reasons to Protect Your Paper Records

In the Digital Age, hard copy records are often overlooked in favor of electronic data. But paper documents and files still play an important role in your business. You create and use hard copy records with customer, employee and financial information. Here are the top four reasons you should protect them: 1. Compliance Federal and…
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What Is NAID AAA Certification and Why Is It Important?

Shredding documents securely, reliably and in compliance with provincial and federal privacy laws is a must for all Canadian businesses. Unfortunately, not every shredding provider offers uncompromising security, privacy protection and adherence to privacy requirements. In this blog, we discuss what NAID AAA Certification is and why it matters when choosing a shredding partner. What…
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7 Signs It’s Time to Go Paperless

Paper has been the de facto symbol of the traditional office since time immemorial. But with the rise of the Digital Age, the necessity and viability of paper is steadily diminishing. The question isn’t if you should go paperless, but when. Here are seven telltale signs it’s time to go paperless: 1. Clients Aren’t Paying…
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7 Data Security Tips for Your Business

Each new year brings a need to make fresh goals. Data security is a good place to start, since businesses large and small face an unlimited number of risks and threats. Here are seven expert tips to help you implement total data security for your company in 2018: 1. Physically Protect Your Hardcopy Records It’s…
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