The Phoenix Story

On October 16, 1991, Phoenix Recycling Inc was born, with nothing but a Ford, F-150 half ton truck and an unstoppable attitude. In the beginning, there was just one of us, Kristjan Backman, our president did it all. In the mornings he serviced our 26 initial customers and in the afternoon he put a suit and tie on to sell recycling programs.

It wasn't long before Kristjan realized he was a terrible truck driver, but not a bad salesperson. By the end of 1992, we were servicing 350 businesses. Phoenix Recycling had grown to 3 people and had purchased an old Hino truck. Small businesses that did not fit in most recycling programs at that time found a home with Phoenix Recycling.

"We pioneered sustainable recycling programs," says Kristjan Backman, "Not just in Manitoba but in North America." Phoenix Recycling made it easy and economical for small business and schools to recycle.

Patti Bowles came onboard in 1994 and her commitment to customer service and a fresh look at recycling proved successful for Phoenix Recycling as larger customers started calling on us to provide services. 1994 also marked the year that Phoenix Recycling grew into what is now our current home. This facility with over 13,000 square feet of warehouse gave us some much-needed capacity. Municipalities around Manitoba had started to catch the recycling bug. Our increase in capacity allowed us to accept and process material from these municipalities.

The end of 1995 also brought the collapse in recycling markets, cardboard prices dropped from $360 per metric ton to $55 in 5 months. Phoenix Recyclings’ sustainable recycling programs insured that we could weather the storm and that our customers could expect the same level of service.

By 1996 Phoenix Recycling was a leader in recycling in Manitoba. "We were providing paper shredding, waste removal, office recycling, supplying equipment, and brokering loads from municipalities." said Kristjan.

In April 2004 Phoenix launched its record storage division "We had been testing our records storage system with a few companies for a year" said Patti Bowles "and we were confident we were ready to take storage to a new level in Manitoba". The launch or our Records Storage Services coincided with our 14,000 square foot expansion.

In July 2007 Phoenix Recycling purchased Dataloc doubling our existing records storage capacity. "It was a perfect fit, Dataloc used the identical software we had always respected them as great competitors in our market" commented Kristjan Backman.  2007 is also the year Phoenix won the consumers choice award for business excellence in Paper shredding. We have won the award every year since.

In August 2010 Phoenix announced a 17,000 square foot expansion to our records centre to accommodate the outstanding growth in this division.

In April 2018 Phoenix was acquired by Access Information Management of Canada ULC, headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts. Access Information Management is a leader in the records and information management industry, now serving markets throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean.

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