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Winnipeg Businesses use Phoenix to Securely Store their Business Records

Winnpeg businesses use Phoenix to store their records & stay organizedEvery business reaches a point where their records no longer fit in their filling cabinets.  Instead of tripping over boxes in the hallway or piling them in a basement or storage locker we can offer you a much better solution.  Phoenix makes professional record storage affordable and easily accessible to all businesses and organizations in Winnipeg.  Our largest clients have thousands of boxes of records stored wit us and our smallest clients have less than ten.

What is Professional Record Storage?

Record Storage is the secure storage of business records in a manner that allows for quick retrieval of your records when you need them.  Every box is bar-coded and scanned into shelving designed to store boxes of business records.  When you need an item returned the bar-code quickly tells us where it is located and we retrieve it from the shelf and return it to you.

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New to Records Storage?  Check out our Knowledge Centre.  Here you can learn about managing records and how we can help.

Bar-code Tracking

Every box in our record centre and every shelf location  has a unique bar-code on it.  We us these bar-codes to track the movement of all of the boxes we store.  You might say we are a little scan happy!  We scan it when we pick it up, when it arrives at the secure record centre, when we shelve it, when we retrieve it for you , when we put in into a delivery vehicle and when we deliver it back to your office.  This scanning allows us know where your box is at all times.

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Quick Delivery of Records Back to You When you Need Them

Need a record that is in storage? No problem.  We offer quick and efficient delivery of your records when you need them.  We offer a variety of services options for the retrieval and delivery of your box, file or document.

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Access & Manage your Records On-Line

You can manage your records securely on-line right from your desktop.  You can add new item, request a delivery or pick up, view your inventory and print off reports to help you manage your records quickly and efficiently.

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