Keeping Track of Your Records

We use the RIM industry's Best Software to Store and Manage your Records 

O'Neil Strategic Partner Phoenix Winnipeg, ManitobaWe are proud to say that we have the O'Neil RS-SQL software running our Record Centre.  The O'Neil software is the leading software for storing and managing record centres, their software runs in over 1000 Record Centres across the world.  With O'Neil we us leading edge technology to store, secure and track your documents.

The O'Neil software is easy to use and our client's can manage their own records on-line through  RS-Web.  You can add new boxes, request pick ups and deliveries, order supplies and reports right from your desktop.

Barcode Tracking Phoenix Winnipeg, ManitobaFrom the moment we pick up your documents we use bar-code based scanning to track the movement of your documents.  When you add an item (box, file, document) you place a bar-code on the item.  You use the easy on-line system RS-Web to add whatever information you want to identify your item so you ca easily find your information when you need it.  This bar-code is scanned every time an item is touched, be it a pick up at your facility, arrival at the record centre or a delivery back out to you.

When your box is at the record centre it lives on shelving designed to hold record boxes.  The shelves all have bar-code locations and you box is logged into that location when it is shelved.  This allows us to quickly retrieve an item whenever you need it.

Management Reports

Management Report Phoenix in Winnipeg, ManitobaWith our bar-code tracking we can give you reports about your items in storage that help you manage your records more efficiently.

The following are standard reports our clients use to better control their records:

  • Inventory Report of all items in storage
  • Destruction Report - when items are due for destruction
  • Activity Report - what items are currently out of the record centre

Phoenix is pleased to offer Records Storage & Management to Winnipeg and Manitoba businesses and organizations.

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