Recycling Bins

Central Collection Recycling Bin

This bin is used for centralRecycling Bin at Phoenix in Winnipeg, Manitoba collection areas such as by the photocopier or in the lunch room.  A clear plastic liner fits on the inside of this bin to collect the paper when it passes through the opening in the top.

Our drivers will remove the full liner and replace it with an empty one.

Dimensions: 32"H x 17"W x 14"D

Deskside Recycling Bin

Desk Side Recycling Bin Phoenix in Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Deskside Recycling Bin is perfect for recycling at office workstations. Its low profile allows it to fit underneath most desks and its dimensions are perfect for stacking paper. Its lightweight yet durable construction makes it easy to handle and strong enough to withstand day to day wear and tear.

Please empty the contents of this bin into your central collection container.

Dimensions: 8.5"H x 15"W x 12.5"D

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