Shredding and Destruction Best Practices

Your organization has a legal and ethical responsibility to destroy outdated documents and data. Are you confident in your information disposal strategy? In this blog, we offer tips for making sure your shredding and destruction program is secure and consistent.

Make a Document Retention Schedule and Follow It

A document retention schedule helps you keep documents only as long as necessary. Identify the records in your office by category and assign retention and final disposition dates. Consult with your attorney to make sure assigned retention periods align with your legal obligations. As soon as documents reach their final retention date, destroy them.

Create a Shredding Policy

A shredding policy helps everyone in your organization get on the same page when destroying confidential information. Make your shredding policy clear and easy to understand. A “shred everything” policy eliminates any confusion over which documents to shred. Distribute the policy to every employee and post copies throughout your office as a useful reminder of good shredding habits. 

Invest in a Scheduled Shredding Service

To prevent identity theft and business fraud, consistency is key. Unfortunately, most employees avoid office shredding machines like the plague because they’re tedious to use and unreliable. Investing in a scheduled shredding service eliminates having to use office shredders and ensures documents are destroyed promptly and consistently.

Don’t Forget to Shred Your Media

Paper documents aren’t the only type of information you should destroy. Any digital storage device is a data breach waiting to happen. A media shredding service ensures your data is destroyed within a secure chain of custody and in compliance with provincial and federal privacy laws. 

Choose a NAID AAA Certified Shredding Provider

If you’re serious about preventing identity theft and business fraud, choose a NAID AAA Certified shredding provider. NAID stands for the National Association of Information Destruction, a non-profit standards-setting organization for the shredding and destruction industry. To achieve AAA Certification, shredding vendors are surprise-audited annually by an impartial, independent security professional. Auditors review the following aspects of a shredding vendor’s operation:

  • Document destruction procedure manuals
  • Employment records
  • Facility security
  • On-site and off-site shredding equipment

Having a NAID AAA certified shredding partner is the foundation of any solid shredding and destruction program.

We recommend that you follow these best practices for destroying outdated documents and data.

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