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NAID Certified Phoenix in Winnipeg, ManitobaUse a NAID AAA Certified Shredding Company for your Peace of Mind

NAID is the shredding industry's non-profit association. NAID was formed in 1993 with the sole purpose of educating business and government on the need for the destruction of discarded information. NAID’s membership is comprised of hundreds of companies worldwide and has grown to become the recognized authority on secure information destruction.

NAID has an extensive certification program for quality shredding companies to highlight that they meet or exceed the industry best practices.

As a NAID Certified Information Destruction Company Phoenix is committed to the highest standards in the industry.

Phoenix is NAID AAA Certified for:

It is easy to make claims and promises when no one is examining your business. As a NAID Certified Contractor Phoenix has gone beyond claims and promises by submitting to a close examination of every aspect of our security.

While NAID sets the criteria for certification, an impartial, independent security professional conducts the actual audit. Phoenix has attained certification by submitting for critical review our policy and document destruction procedure manuals, employment records, promotional materials, logs and paperwork to verify that they meet the certification requirements. Facility security, monitoring systems, on-site destruction equipment, off-site destruction equipment, and access control systems must also stand up to the auditor’s inspection. To maintain our Certification, Phoenix is audited annually. Click here to learn more about Phoenix's NAID Certification.

NAID asks the relevant questions so you know you are choosing a quality vendor:

  • What is the quality of the physical security at the destruction facility?
  • Does the vendor have the proper insurance?
  • Are employees screened?
  • Do advertised claims match what is practiced?
  • Are there written policies and procedures… and are they followed?
  • Are materials destroyed in an appropriate time frame?
  • Does the destruction equipment reduce the material to an acceptable particle size?

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