What Your Employees Should Know about Data Security

Are you confident your employees have the right tools to keep confidential information safe? Do you trust them to handle sensitive data? If you want a secure business, here’s what your employees should know about data security:

Not Every Email Is Legitimate

Corporate employees are prime targets for phishing scams. Criminals send emails that appear credible and legitimate, but in reality, they are ploys to trick employees into sending sensitive information or click on harmful links. Remind your employees to make sure emails come from someone they know. If an email has bad grammar or unusual word spellings or strange characters, it may be a phishing scam. Remind your staff to make sure website URLs begin with “https” before submitting data online.

Strong Passwords Prevent Breaches

Weak, easy-to-remember passwords are easy pickings for cybercriminals. Instruct your employees to use complex passwords with a variety of numbers, letters and special characters. Consider investing in a password management application for your staff. These helpful tools generate random, secure, encrypted passwords that are essentially impossible to crack.

Secure Shredding Matters

Your employees need to understand that not every data security threat is digital. Criminals can inflict a world of damage to your business just by stealing paper documents from the trash. Have a clear and simple shredding policy. Partnering with a trusted, professional shredding company reduces the risk of employee error and fraud. Your shredding provider will place secure collection containers throughout your office allowing your staff to dispose of confidential documents promptly and securely.

Incidents Should Be Promptly Reported

The longer your employees wait to report data security incidents, the greater the potential damage to your business. Make sure your staff knows what to do during a breach. Encourage them to report suspicious emails, links, and attachments as soon as possible so your IT department can isolate the issue and prevent it from spiraling out of control.

Training Is Key

If you want employees to take data security seriously, offer training opportunities so they can learn the latest best practices. Schedule regular training sessions highlighting the following areas:

  • Secure file access protocols
  • Document security
  • Information handling
  • File disposition practices
  • Privacy law requirements

Remember, when keeping business information secure, your employees are the first line of defense and their collective effort matters.

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